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GEB - Great Educational Books


e-commerce bookstore


Systems Analysis and Design project for Diploma - 1 Term


Sole researcher & designer


GEB - Great Educational Books – e-commerce bookstore.


The purpose of this project was to analyse a system, learn about different system visualisation methods, understand what data passes through that system, and implement a strategy that would help the outdated business transition to an online only platform from a physical store.

Tools used

system analysis methods used AND WHY

Systems Context Diagram
This diagram visualises the functions of the current system and the requirements of the different entities. It also helps to identify where potential changes may affect other functions.

Level 0 Data Flow Diagram
Shows the information that flows through the system, representing the data stores, inputs and outputs, and the different sub processes the data will move through. This shows the system as a single high-level process and displays the relationship between functions.

Swim-lane Diagram
This diagram confirms where each part of the process takes place. It shows the connections, handover of information and responsibilities of each step in a process. This can change depending on the users decision, and can help us account for these changes by making sure we have the correct options and information in the right part of the system.

Process Flowchart
Helpful in mapping and understanding the different steps the customer takes when interacting with GEB. By visualising the user's path, we can predict and guide the user through the service, product or system.

Use Case Diagram
This diagram represents the actors within the GEB web-store system. It visualises the roles and interactions of people with the system.
It represents, or can identify, the goals of the system, and provides a model for the flow of events and user interactions.

SWOT Analysis
Conducting a SWOT analysis helped to identify the businesses strengths and weaknesses. Which helps to uncover competitive advantages and opportunities for improvement.

Analysing systems provides valuable information when understanding how the user interacts with the systems. Using different systems analysis methods helps to see the system as a big picture, as well as analysing its internal processes. When we understand the system we can design the users path to help reach an effective and efficient  outcome.

Additionally, providing visual presentations of these systems and process helps to communicate and work collaboratively with both technical and non-technical partners.

user observations & interviews
  • Owner interview to understand the brief
  • User observations with competitor websites
  • Google forms questionnaire of target audience.
Product ordering system
high fidelity mock-ups

As part of my main systems analysis assessment, and using the information gathered during the research phase, I produced some initial wire-frame designs for the GEB web-store project.
These include:

  • Search screen
  • Product details screen
  • Concept design for their ordering system



Content and Curriculm Design


1 Year


1 in a Team of 5


AMJ – Amazing Media Jungle


AMJ - "A new school of thought" is an English Academy with a difference in Seoul, South Korea. Their aim is to help students in their English language journey with a heavy focus on creative media.

My role was to research and design lessons and projects that would teach students about creative writing, script writing, and videography while studying and using English. This included a series of 16 Grammar books, 12 research project packets relating to a specific book.  These went on to print, with a plan for wider distribution.

Most lessons and projects concluded with video output. Usually a skit or presentation related to their term project.
Examples  of these project videos can be viewed on the Academy YouTube channel

           AMJ YouTube Channel

Lesson Structure

After researching the

Each lesson in the book was designed to cover 2 classes with a duration of 1.5 hours, with homework additional.

  • Preview - Facilitates the explanation of the grammar rule with examples to complete as a class. This is the guided discovery stage.
  • Speaking Practice - Guided reading with the teacher, followed by individual practice and then practice speaking with a buddy.
  • Lesson Review - Homework
  • Lesson Wrap-up - A small project designed to further practice the rule in a fun and memorable way. Completed individually as a class during class time.



Web application


2022 - 3 Day Team challenge


Group project with 2 other students


NoNotes – Student Note Taking App


This was a 3 day team challenge for one of my web development classes. We were to design and build a tool that could help students. This project was intended for us to practice documentation, setting up and using visual studio, HTML, CSS, and team work.

Tools used

My contributon